Intensive production anywhere on the planet.

We become your partner from the beginning of the process to help you secure your intensive production. Up to 300% more yield! From bare soil to crop! (and beyond).

This is what we do

Surrounded by an entire ecosystem

UltraCropCare is surrounded by an ecosystem of brilliant partners and researchers, all aiming towards the same goal: Intensive Production, Anywhere on the Planet… and next in Space!

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Meet our Research and Development

Our company embraces a forward-looking vision, where we are willing to challenge existing paradigms regarding how things are done. We are constantly researching and collaborating with other laboratories to co-create the future of agriculture. By pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and working together, we aim to revolutionize the way we cultivate and sustain our food systems. 🌱🚀🔬

High density irrigation

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Our advanced technology enables us to automate tasks, such as irrigation, with remarkable precision and efficiency. This allows us to monitor and care for each plant down to the finest detail, even when different campaigns are underway within the greenhouse. Thus, we ensure optimal care for the healthy growth and development of the plants. 🌱🌿🌼

Technical edge

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Our distinct advantage within enclosed spaces, such as greenhouses or shaded areas, lies in our modular technology. This innovation allows us to optimize energy usage while simultaneously maximizing hardware mobility. As a result, we can minimize infrastructure needs and maintenance. The flexibility of our modular systems enables us to adapt to various conditions and requirements, ensuring efficient and sustainable management in these enclosed spaces. 🌱🏠🔌